Cocktail Culture

Cocktail Culture

Let’s take a moment to commemorate two essential spirits: Tequila and Mezcal.

Though typically I enjoy my cocktails on the rocks, lately I’ve been all about mixology.

For a chill way to end the day or kick off your night, Le Sirenuse, Soho Beach House, The Living Room at Faena and The Standard Lido Bar are my favorite spots for good vibes and consistency amazing craft cocktails.

Designed to take you on a journey through flavors, ingredients and aromas, these ‘house’ cocktails serve the perfect dose of complexity, richness, balance and flavor.

  1. Soho Beach House – Picante de la Casa (with Zunte Mezcal)
  2. Le Sirenuse – Tommy’s Margarita
  3. Living Room at Faena – Smoke + Sparks
  4. The Standard – Green Rickey

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