Often I’ve heard the best trips in life are not planned but discovered… This couldn’t be more true about my latest trip to Florence.

It was a trip I had planned only a few weeks in advance. Then breaking news, “Hurricane Irma” is to hit South Florida, and Miami was in its “eye.” What did that mean exactly? Mandatory evacuation to the city of Miami Beach. So if I wasn’t already stressed planning outfits for my trip, this was causing a lot more anxiety. So without further ado.. Here’s a sneak peek of my Florence, Travel Diary x

Ciao Miami, Buongiorno Firenze!

After a long night/day of travel I finally arrive, La Dolce Vita in Florence! Driving through the winding roads, stopping at espresso cafes along with way, I take in the the breathtaking Tuscan architecture of the emerald green countryside.

Under the Tuscan Sun

The next day, and for the rest of my trip I explore Florence by taking itinerary cues from the locals. Visiting the leather and antique jewelry shops, themed markets,  the buzzing cafés, live performers, and stocking up on incredible natural beauty products.

Looking down the Arno River from the Ponte Vecchio bridge
La Ménagére
Beyond The Wall, Contemporary Art Exibition
Borsalino Hats
Mercato Centrale

Luisa Via Roma
Piazza Del Duomo
Harry’s Bar
Chez Moi

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